IBS or Endometriosis?

I've been to a gastroenterologist for my stomach problems. He did an endoscopy and found that I have a hiatial hernia and an inflamed esophagus which accounts for the acid reflux and naseau issues I've be having. Also, he tested for a multitude of gastro diseases. My intestines are inflamed.

He believes I have IBS, which is controlled with diet and medication. When I stray from my diet, I own diarrhea and less often constipation. I have very bad cramps from the diarrhea. I KNOW that certain foods and stress trigger my IBS.

One of the only signs of endometriosis I have is occasional misery after sex. But it's a light cramping and only occurs after sex within deep positions. If you know a food is triggering your stomach issues, is it NOT endometriosis? Also, my doctor never mentioned anything about possibly having endo.

I'm scared out of your wits I have endometriosis, but considering the testing I've had done the doctor showed me why I be feeling the way I was.
Still most potential IBS. When you have sex, your abdomen is having a moderate amount of pressure placed on it from your partner weight and the act of penetration. Don't forget how close your reproductive organs are to your intestines, an already irritated organ system is man poked and shifted slightly. No surprise that you feel a little cramping.
Well, I'm sure you understand anatomy, so I'm not going to supply you the rundown of how the endometrium is not part of your digestive tract. But it seems sort of silly to jump to that conclusion when you solitary have that one specific symptom. Maybe talk to your OBGYN if you're really worried, but from what you've explained, there's no huge reason to expect that you have it.

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