How do you bring whiter legs?

okay so i have a body that is soo pale
i budge outside a lot and my legs look sooooo dark
anyone have any guidance to get whiter legs?
will lotion help?
Lotion will make your legs look lighter lone if your legs are ashy. I would recommend that you cover your legs at all times and eventually the pigments will stop attracting light and you will get lighter skin. This may thieve a while though probably 1 - 2 months before you notice any significant difference in skin tone. Hope this help. Source(s): Doctor
Use sunscreen and cover your legs up all the time. After a few months the pigment will begin to fade. You could try using a lotion with glycolic tart or something similar too. Source(s): Experience. I am so much paler than I was last year because I've stayed inside a lot more.

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