A few weeks ago i notice a swollen lymph node on the support of my leader?

it is in the occipital area where the pave the way and neck meet, and on the left side. i have just gotten over a tooth infection so i associated it with that. would it still be swollen? sometimes like tonight i devise that it feels bigger than it did. which really scares me. i have no symptoms resembling fever, chill, loss of appetite, or weight loss. . .also i can't really tell it it is moveable and i only just figued that was because of where it was located at. i am unnerved that i have lymphoma. please someone help me. please, i am terrified
Ok, you want to relax. If you are not getting any other symptoms then the chances of it being lymphoma are minimal. It is more than possible to be related to your recent tooth infection. Swollen lymph nodes after an infection can often persist for a few weeks Source(s): I own lymphoma
why do you think a lymph node that is swollen because of a tooth infection is lymphoma? do worrry, it doesnt work like that.

if it is a lymph node, dont mess near it. it could also be a lipoma, or a fat glob...

lymph nodes can get inflammed and calcified and will persist for a long time if they achieve seriously inflammed.

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