I'm 16 and my mom purely passed away from cancer. Will this stomach-ache ever jump away?

She passed August 20th 2009. I was with her in the hospital until the train. School is about to start and i just don't know how i can get through a daylight without crying let alone being contained by a classroom. Some people have told me that school is a pious "distraction", but i just don't think i can handle the stress. Is this constant heart sting ever going to stop?
the pain will never go away but it will ease near time. i'm soo sorry hunn
I'm sorry for your loss and I wish I could say that the cramp will go away but unfortunately it won't. It WILL however lessen greatly as time passes but it will never completely shift away.
As to school starting soon I do think that you need some characteristics of distraction to at least give you something else to concentrate on and give you some respite from consciousness your loss 24hrs a day.

I know that sounds like everything you didn't want to hear but let me vote from experience that the pain does become bearable and you will be fully capable of carrying on with your life span while still being able to remember the good times you have with your mother
our dad died from cancer Multiple Myeloma , when my sister be 16 and i was 21 . It hurts really bad for the first year , it slowly hurts less. I'm sorry this happen to you so young. Really things will start to feel a little better as time go on. But for years the thought of her may make you cry . when you start to smile when you remember her you know things are getting better , i will pray for you that you will find that day sooner than then. I'm so sorry.
Aww sweetie, you filled my eyes with tears.
I am so so so sorry about your mother, she's contained by a better place now.
Its very hard, especially on a 16 year outmoded.

But I think school will be a good distraction, because you own friends, classes and homework to worry about. Plus your going to think just about after high school and where you want to be, plus meditate about how proud your mother will be if you did a great job in university. She'll be very proud, just like any other mother out at hand.

Stay strong my friend, wish you the best of luck.
Don't let anyone let you down.
I am so very sorry about your Mother. I strongly recommend that you find someone to do grief counseling near. Ask her cancer doctor or a counselor at school.

School is absolutely a distraction. It has be only 8 days and you will definitely continue crying. When my mom died, I go back to work and the work was important plenty to keep me going. Think about what your mom wanted within the way of a life for you and her plans for your education and don't consent to this shut you down.

The heart ache eases. You will suddenly realize you went for five minutes minus thinking about her death. The time will increase. The pain will improve so it doesn't continue to devastate you. You will find times when you will be especially sad and maybe cry, some holiday impressive to her, hearing someone with a similar voice, coming across something she loved, talking in the region of her.

It won't be much comfort right this minute, but many people around you have face this same situation. You have to live through it for yourself and the people around you. My best friend just lost her sister; we lost a friend of 30 years this year. You try to remember the suitable things about them and live a decent life so you can show other those the goodness they showed you.

Give yourself time; understand that this pain is majority; don't give up your life to it.

With your insight into how people have a feeling, maybe you will be able to visit populace or talk with survivors at some time in the adjectives to help them get through this. I hope you find someone to help you right immediately.
How funny. The same thing in recent times happened to me. I'm not sure wether I'm in shock still or my brain got messed up. Im 14. Keep your thoughts as tight together as possible. It is impossible to hang on to them away.

Today it is raining, but you have to keep trying to follow the sun.

You will break out crying and that is OK. There is no use to be ashamed. Your eyes will get watery and you will want to cry mommy. I am sorry. You can still be strong. Soon enough the crying will stop, the memory of seeing her comatose may be unbearably sad, but memories are our best friends. Even though they seem doomed to failure at first.

Hold on there. The rope will get thicker as time goes by.

--Luis N.
Im so sorry..i feel so bad!
dont verbs of course you're going to feel bad and logically it's your mom! but try to hang on and youll get better knowing she loves you and cares just about you and is in a better place now :)
Hey I'm sure u r really sad and I was told my mom has just months to live if not less I cry at times and jus break down...its really sad I'm not sure wut I'm gonna do when my mom in actual fact passes away.

I'm sure ur mom would want u to keep going to school and b someone within life she's still watching u she is with u everyday...she will help u seize through skool...u didn't lose her forever u will b seeing her again its a matter of time

I'm sorry for wuts happened the pain will not budge away I think u will learn to live with it I bequeath u lots of hugs! Wish u the best! Source(s): What I'm going through
I am so sorry for your loss, my husband lately lost his mom on August 26th to liver cancer and she was young(only 54). I have known various people that have lost parents and it isn't something that is glib. It's been over 15 years for one person I know and she still isn't over it. She says some days are better than others but at hand is nothing that could ever make you get over it, but it does get hold of easier with time.

I can't wait until there is a cure, so copious people are losing loved ones to this horrible thing.
yo i know how you feel my uncle ancient away from cancer man i still cry for him he was the best he was funny he was blind all right wat i am trying to say is that pain will go away... i am sorry more or less your mom and good luck
My mom get cancer for the first time when I was 13 and she passed from it the second time when I was in my twenties. I still presume about her and wish she was here beside me and to see her beautiful grandchildren. I just want you to know that your pain is drastically fresh right now. The first 6 weeks were the hardest for me. I kept thinking "I can't wait to relate, mom, or that will be her on the phone." It is one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through. But, it does get easier, or I don`t know we simply learn to live with what we can't change.
Your grief will come out at unusual times. But it is one and only proof that you were close and loved her very much. Talk to the counselor, before academy begins. Make sure that they know that your mom has gone and you will sometimes need to be alone, to purely sit and compose yourself or to speak with someone in the office. Your dad could write a memo for you, so that they can help you with this. You aren't the only kid who have had to endure this loss so they should be able to relieve you on the rough days if they know what you need. Find something that was personal that you associate with your mom. Keep it next to you in your purse and reach in in attendance and touch it when things get hard. It can help. My mom's friends took adjectives of my mom's clothes that I didn't want and made a quilt out of them. It is still one of my most precious belongings. I can feel my heart filling my chest and closing my throat in a tough lump because I know your pain.
Have courage though. You know that your mom was happiest, when you were jubilant. She still wants that for you now.
You did everything you could have to comfort her go back to God and let her know she be loved. Could it be heaven if we didn't know God's plan once we go back to him? We with the sole purpose see the side of the tapestry that God lets us see. The one with the knots and the loose strings. It doesn't be paid a lot of sense and it sure doesn't feel great when we have to be sector of the hard stuff. But when we go back to God, He shows us the completed picture and how vital we were in making it all begin. Your mom still loves you. You felt her spirit leave in that room, lately as I did. You will move on, you will be ok and you will see her again. Peace.
You gave me tears reading this. My heart go out to you. You are going to hurt for a while, but time eventually helps heal the pain.

Really, what can anybody read aloud but how sorry we are.
Im sorry hun bout your mum. School would be a good distarction and also your surrounded by your friends which will make you happy and enjoy fun. Your mum would want you to have a good happy similar to but that doesnt mean she wants you to forget bout her.
I lost my mom to cancer March 15 2003... over 6 six years ago...
I was 30 and it ripped my world apart. I am soooo sorry for your loss... it has to be so hard to be so childish... I will tell you this...
God will place people in your energy to help you through this tough time... let them in... They may not become conscious as those of us who have been there fathom out... but you need to let them try.
It doesn't get better... you never stop idea the loss... but you learn how to cope and you learn how to keep her memory alive.
You will own good days and bad days... moments where you roll with laughter at a memory and moments where you would do anything just to hear her voice again...
When my mom died... I wouldn't let her travel... literally... I had lay down next to her and wouldn't let move about as they all tried to pull me away... My seven year old looked at me and took my mitt... he said, "mormor is not here anymore... she has gone with the angels mommy"
I know your mom and my mom are up there watching over us... They will other be with us... life will seem excessive and almost cruel as you try to make it through each day... Remember how much she loves you... know that she be proud of you... every time your heart aches... look in the mirror... see yourself as she saw you... and you will find a way to smile again... I promise...
Sweetheart, I am so sorry. I know what it's like to loose your mom even though mine was much older, I still perceive the pain but it does ease up with time. When I infer of my mother, I don't think about her death, I picture her smiling, her laughing, playing around, singing silly songs and that makes my heart feel good. We be with my mother when she died also and I will never forget it. Don't dwell on the sad, but the good she brought into your natural life. Think about all the happy times you have. Nothing will ever take that pain away, but I think your friends are right, university will be a good distraction and that's what you need right now. You see, you're home adjectives day and all you do is think roughly speaking your mom and it makes you cry. School will get you thinking about other things. Get into happenings. Crying is normal. It only happened such a moment ago. Gosh, I wish I could put my arms around you and never let go. I want to narrate you that it will get better. My mom's been gone for 3 yrs now and resembling I said, when I picture her in my mind, I only see her smiling. She's no longer in affliction. That's a good thing. You will always enjoy your mom in your heart. 16 is just so young to loose a mother. When you budge to school, perhaps there is a counselor you can speak next to. I wish you the best Honey and again, I am so sorry, this really brought tears to my eyes. I don't think I'm alone on this one. Be brave Sweetheart. I would love to know how you're doing in a couple of months, We adjectives would. Let us know OK. God bless you Honey. I pray you have that peace in your heart that passes adjectives understanding and comfort. Source(s): RN

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