Why does H1N1 attack mostly young-looking general public (as defiant mature people)?

Like infants or children, old people also have thinned immune systems, but why doesn't that make them more susceptible to come down with H1N1?
If you're talking nearly the H1N1 Spanish Flu Pandemic then:

The spanish flu of 1918 was worse for healthier younger populace with better immune systems because the virus made their immune systems overreact and end up shutting down the body (a cytokine storm) . The older, awfully young (infants, toddlers) or sick people's immune systems were slower to react and recovered better. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1918_flu_pandemic
university work
it is more likely that older people have been exposed to viruses and bacterias, compared to infants, that made them more immune..

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