Help, I hold a HUGE lump on my forehead?

On friday monring I woke up with a lump on my forehead, I thought it would just be a spot starting and that it would be there the subsequent day, but on Sat the lump was just a bit bigger, so I thought by this morning it would be a spot and all set to squeeze, but its still a lump.

Im worried for school tomorrow, I want it to be gone by then, cos everyone can see it?

Is it just a spot thats not get a head yet, or could it be something else worse.

I hope it is just a spot, but its going to be huge if it is, and why is it taking so long to go and get a head to squeeze.

honestly this thing is massive and it hurts if I touch it or move my head resembling wrinkle the skin on my forehead.
I win those too and I'm (relatively) an old man ... I use a triple antibiotic cream on them and they shrink down in 1 day and gone surrounded by 2 ... put it on 2-4 times/day (whenever you think of it).
Use concealer :P
I very much doubt it will be gone by tomorrow, theres two things that come to my mind reading that, first one is it may be a growth/boil if it is extraodinary big for a spot, or a spot to be exact just taking a long time to get a head (can hold a couple of weeks at worse) usually because the spot is on the forehead which has very thick skin,
Sounds like an "underground" pimple. I've gotten those before (even on my forehead) and they took weeks to form a head. Your skin is for a moment thicker there, so it just takes more time. The righteous news is if you leave it alone, it probably won't become discolored. As far as school, I wouldn't verbs. It's probably way less noticeable than you guess and there's sure to be some poor kid with acute acne around to make you look better.

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