Someone I Know Has Been Coughing Up Blood Since October 2009, On and Off... What Does This Mean?

I judge your friend is a vampire with a weak stomach.
Elloitt, This is so urgent I can't believe the person hasn't been checked.
You said you wanted to know what this money?
Blood coming out of any opening in the body is NOT NORMAL.....
uhm don't know if that's possible october 2009 is not here yet
Go see their Dr.
Do you mean October 2008? If s/he hasn't been to a doctor, it is absolutely critical that they travel. Usually that symptom means something bad is going on. Different viruses (pneumonia), tuberculosis, and probably lung cancer can impose blood to be coughed up. If it has been nearly a year, it is probably not pneumonia. You should support your friend on the phone/email, but unless they know what is going on, you might be putting yourself at high risk for a disease such as TB if you are within contact.
did they draw from a chest xray.maybe blood tests too....ask doc to order.....

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