Is this skin cancer!??! (pic)?

It's on my back btw.
And I'm only 16
No,It could be a freckle,If it has a lump it could be a mole.
If it is a mole, then you should go see your doctor. My friend have a black mole and she saw her doctor. But it wasn't cancerous. Don't worry, I'm sure its going to be fine :D
Maybe not, because it has a clearly defined shape...not sure of what color it is. Here is an excellent medical website that have photos you can compare yours to. ( the photos are in a row of numbers that is under the paragraph titled "The ABCs of Melanoma" You may want to bookmark this URL incase any adjectives changes of shape.…
I'm not a medical soul, it's just that I've had a mole on my back a long time and found thiat website. Source(s):…

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