Low blood pressure of 60 over 40, what does it be determined?

I have always had a low blood pressure, never above 90/60 and usually around 60 over 40. I've have so many tests done for diabetes/iron defiency/thyroid etc. but I'm perfect in black and white. I recently got diagnosed with mitral tap prolapse and that explains a lot of weird symptoms I've had adjectives my life, but would that explain the low blood pressure and what does having a low blood pressure mean?
Lower than average BP is only ever a problem if you are symptomatic which would indicate that blood pressure is so low it's unable to push blood around the body. If you are not symptomatic with dizziness and adjectives secondary causes for low BP have be ruled out, then your BP is a healthy normal deviation.

I have MVP too. MVP is a very common abnormality. The problem is, MVP is regularly over-diagnosed. More so in young women. This is usually due to some Doctors having an incorrect knowledge of normal valve anatomy and ECG appearances. Years ago, various non-specific symptoms be attributed to MVP, such as atypical chest pain, exertional dyspnoea, palpitations, syncope and anxiety. However, data from the Framingham study and various other studies, does not support a relationship between these symptoms and MVP.

So in answer to your question, unless you are symptomatic, your low blood pressure basically resources nothing. It's a normal healthy alternative, so please stop worrying. You've had tests to rule out endocrine issues/diabetes/Addisions disease and other heart abnormalities. I'm sure your Doctor have already told you there is no further cause for concern.

MPV only become a problem if severe regurgitation happens as a result of the valve abnormality, this is quite occasional and if this were the case, your Doctor would have mentioned it to you.

And the above poster is incorrect. Source(s): Cardiac Nurse
Nothing to add that the nurse didn't say - but I have a MVP and low blood pressure also. My husband have a MVP and my son has too. It's hereditary and between five and ten percent of the population have them.

Here is a symptom guide thought the post above may invalidate this background, I am sure she's more up to date :)

Yes, MVP could explain your low blood pressure. There are lots of cause of hypotension. Have you seen a cardiologist, or just general practioners?

Anyway, here's a great website from Mayo Clinic on the subject of low blood pressure. Source(s): http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/low-blo…

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