What should a cancer sufferer munch through?

When you are in treatment it is adjectives about the calories . . getting as many calories into your body as possible. It does not matter what you guzzle . . only that you eat as well as you can . . do not try to variation your diet or bolster your diet with unfamiliar foods or food that you do not like a moment ago because it 'is healthy' . . which means if pizza is your favorite food . . than eat it.
Basically anything you fancy. Drugs repeatedly put you off food, and it is difficult to get anything down, but take proposal from your nurse or oncologist.

If you go to www.after-cancer.com/food there is information about the two diets that doctors recommend - Mediterranean and Scandinavian. Try to devour small portions of food mentioned, but don't worry too much if you can't face certain ingredients.

The body is a sensible works, and often you develop a craving for something - which turns out to be good for you at that time!

Good luck

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My recommendation is food that is healthy. Stay away from fried foods as these are harder to digest. Lite meal that are easy on the stomach. One doctor recommends stews with lots of vegetables because the boiling of the stew make it far easier for the body to utilize the nutrients.

Stews, soups, salads, vegetables, organic meats, vegetable casseroles, tofu, and fresh juices is moderation.

Stay away from really sweet stuff especially of you are on steroids as steroids can effect diabetes. Lots of sugary items will only exacerbate this situation.

Drink lots of green tea and try to consume antioxidants through your diet.

Chemo kills many cell not just cancer cells. This is why it is important to try to bolster the body next to good food.

If you look up zinc it is common that patients diagnosed with cancer are low surrounded by zinc. A lack of zinc causes problems with savour. You could try supplementing with a zinc tablet and see if this helps taste and appetite. But check beside your oncologist first to make sure there is no conflict between the zinc and chemo.

Good Luck to you!

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We can eat doesn`t matter what we want, whatever tastes good beside a good texture because chemo and radiation changes your sense of taste and texture.

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