COLDSORE! how do i bring back rid in need cream briskly?

i have acicloviar cream but it takes ages!
Cream would help but my suggestion is to leave it alone! Dont keep messing itbecause you will cause it to obtain bigger!
It really wont run for at least a week. However, that cream really does speed the entire process up. You can spray aftershave on it to dry it out, apart from that theres really not a lot that you can do.
I have the exact same problem! Mine run away really quick though! And its worth going to the doctors. Its called Zovirax. Its amazing, It will take a while though, if you already own a big bump on your lip, that is already scabbing, or just a huge lump. If it is starting to form, dont touch it, or scratch it, It will kind it ten times worse! You have to pile the cream on, so much though ! Every like 1 hour, or something. hopefully you have coverage though, because but for then its like 45 dollars a little tube. If you hold coverage go to the doctors and ask for it. He will give you a perscription. Its worth it though. I swear! Source(s): I have it ..

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