Can you own cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver disease at one and the same time?

my father in law just get a "partial" result back on his liver count. they have said for right now adjectives they know is he has fatty deposits in his liver. he has drank for over 45 years and i be wondering if you can have fatty deposits and cirrhosis at the same time?
Of course, anything is possible. In reality many patients have more than one disease at the same time.
Alcohol is the number one bring of damage to
the liver cells and Cirrhosis of the liver.
Alcohol can cause fatty deposits surrounded by the liver
that can lead to Cirrhosis.

The liver takes the alcohol, a patient drinks,
and using enzymes....tries to convert the
alcohol into acetaldehyde and later into
acetate and then into a non toxic form for the body...which is carbon dioxide and water.
When the liver becomes overwhelmed by continuous drinking...It may not return with converted
properly and the alcohol and also the
acetaldehyde will damage the liver cells.

Alcohol is like a concentrated sugar which
cause fat to be deposited in the liver.

When the liver cells become worn out,
the immune system of the body responds
to this and causes inflammation to develop
inside the liver. Add to that the fat that
can damage the liver cell by even pushing
the nucleus of the liver cells out of place and
you have a TRUE problem. The inflammation
will cause the liver to enlarge in size,
even though it is surrounded by a membrane
capsule. You can predict the pressure
build up in the liver and realize how much
damage that will do.

If the consumption of alcohol is stopped early
on and the inflammation is treated, in attendance is
a chance the condition will be reversed.
However, once the cells start to die off,
it become a progressive disease with
no known cure, known as Cirrhosis of the liver.
The cell keep dying off because scar tissue
forms within the liver and blocks the flow of blood.

Alcohol consumption leads to damage cells
and inflammation. Alcohol cause fatty
deposits in the liver. Inflammation and
fat causes the cell to die off, known as Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis leads to man placed on the
transplant list (have to be free of alcohol
consumption for a period of six months
to be accepted and listed).

He stipulation to be with a gastroenterologist or
hepatologist now. He needs to detox
any through receiving medication to help
go bad the alcohol, from a doctor, or go through
a detox program at a hospital. He needs
to find out how far advanced in the disease
he is and when he will be capable of get on the
list...if he has cirrhosis already.

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I hope this information have been of some
help to you. Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
Cirrhosis and a fatty liver can go mitt in hand. A fatty liver is very adjectives in drinkers and can lead to cirrhosis. This is very typical for alcoholics. That's a long time to be a drinker so near very well could be significant damage already done to his liver from scarring which is cirrhosis.

Everything is going to depend on how much bring down has already been done. The liver has the talent to regenerate, but it cannot do that once cirrhosis has occurred. Cirrhosis is permanent wreck that does not go away. If the damage is severe, only a transplant will collect their life. If caught in the early stages where on earth the damage is not so bad, then if they quit drinking and lug care of themselves, they can get well again.

I don't know how much bring down has been done to your father's liver, but one thing is for solid. If he does not stop drinking forever, it will lead to total liver failure and death. Getting a transplant will be exceptionally difficult for him since they don't give transplants to anyone that is an active drinker. He would hold to quit and wait at least 6 months before they will even consider him for a transplant. Liver fiasco is not an easy way to die. I hope someone in your kith and kin can talk some sense into him before it kills him. Good luck. Source(s): Had cirrhosis and a liver transplant.

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