Home remedies cure for dandruff?

From time to time i get bad dandruff,ive used alot of shampoos specifically designed for dandruff but they work for 1 or 2 weeks then im final to square one!

ive just put some aloe vera gel fresh from my plant in my hair so im hoping that will serve....can anyone give any home remedies that might help....hopefully ones that are tried and tested....

thank you :)
Go see a doc. Sounds like you've exhausted most of the home remedy options.
Apple cider vinegar. Here's a relationship...

hey there...

run a lemon & squeeze it's juice out in a bowl, put the juice surrounded by ur roots like u put oil, wait fr 15 minutes and consequently go 4 a shwr.. this way ur hair wil fall down less & it'll decrease ur dandruff..!!

Hope it helped..!! :):) Source(s): Self experience

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