Is it true that dove deodorant is a rationale of breast cancer?

my friend told me it was true... but i want to get an opinion from other nation
No that is not true at adjectives. It is not a carcinogen. Friends like to say lots of things cause cancer. They are lately being mean and/or misinformed.
You can help yourself to it for what it's worth. I worked in law enforcement and if you have ever be through an autopsy, you will see the evidence of the aluminum on the brain. Anything that can be absorbed through the skin, I am leery about. I won't use anything but natural baking soda deodorant, The county medical examiner who have been doing these autopsies for 33+ years verified that the aluminum in the deodorant was the foreign event found on the brain. Whether it causes cancer? I don't know. But all my mammograms have be good so far. You might have to pass the non aluminum deodorant beneath your arms a few times, but I'm not taking any chances. All the law enforcement that I worked with don't use the aluminum base deodorants. Source(s): Good reference.
First of all, nobody knows what causes breast or any other cancer; the finest medical minds within the world don't know, so it's a pretty safe bet that your friend doesn't.

Whenever you hear anyone say '--------------------- (fill in the blank yourself) cause cancer', you can be sure they are repeating hearsay and half-truths, at best.

No link between cancer and deodorants/anti-perspirants (including Dove) has been proven, and adjectives the evidence strongly suggests there isn't one.

The currently widely-held belief that they are linked to breast cancer is mainly down to a hoax email

A full-size study in 2002 looked for links between antiperspirant use and breast cancer in 1,500 women. The researchers found that neither antiperspirants nor deodorants increased breast cancer risk.

These links give some facts:………

People who insist that deodorants/antiperspirants inflict breast cancer state one of these three things as the reason:

1) 'anti-perspirants prevent the release of toxins, which cause cancer'; this is nonsense - the purpose of sweat is to cool you down, not release 'toxins', and even if sweat did release toxins, here are plenty of other areas you sweat profusely from.

2) they contain aluminium; many do but there is no strong evidence that aluminium could increase the risk of cancer

3) they contain parabens, a preservative many believe is related to breast cancer. - There is in fact no evidence that parabens cause cancer; the concern arises from a small study contained by 2004 by British researchers which found traces of parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer. The tumours of 20 women were tested, and for palpable reasons there was no control group.

The researchers claimed the study demonstrated that if culture are exposed to parabens , the chemicals will accumulate in their bodies

However, this extremely small study doesn't demonstrate a direct causal connection between deodorant or antiperspirant use and developing breast cancer. A study that small cannot be regarded as proof.

There are many deodorants available without parabens and aluminium, and lots people choose to use them to be on the safe side - I do myself, and did long before my breast cancer diagnosis - but in that is no proof of a link with breast cancer or with any other cancer
There is a link between deoderants containing aluminium and breast cancer, not like as causation. I personally use natural deoderants, and will be trying a salt crystal? stone soon as hear works very well.
My mother believes that all deodorant that contains aluminium causes breast cancer. Dove is one of the brands. The singular brands that I know of that don't contain it are all natural brands such as Toms which is what I use.
If that were really true, in that would be a huge brouhahaa on the news about it and it would be pulled from the market.

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