I hold a low status disorientation 99.5 and I am a bit stuffy its similar to the mucus is stuck between my snout and throat.?

Its given me a slight sore/dry throat. I also have a headache. What could be the cause if this?
Let me answer your real question:
No, you don't enjoy swine flu.
You have a cold.
The cause would be a common cold; it happen to everyone. Drink lots of liquids and you'll be fine.
Infection. You'll be fine in a few days. Try not to get through too much, if/ when you do keep it to vegetable/ chicken broths, fresh fruit juices, plenty of water. Definitely avoid dairy products as those will increase and thicken the mucus.
Do a steam hip bath (hold towel covered head carefully over bucket of hot water) and 1/2 drops of eucalyptus too. That'll clear the airways.
Get plenty of rest and blow out/ cough up any mucus you can, don't sniff it in or swallow, you'll bottleneck recovery.

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