Is my cholesterol mundane or too low.?

I just had a blood work done and I got the following cholesterol results"
Cholesterol - 117, HDL - 35, and LDL - 74, Triglycerides - 41. I am currently 100lbs overweight which I gain over the last 7 yrs, but I'm currently working on dropping the pounds. Anyways, I was wondering if these cholesterol levels are anywhere contained by the normal range or too low...
Pretty good. Your total cholesterol is excellent because it bearing under the target of 200. Your LDL is fine because it is under the maximum ceiling of 100. However, your HDL is too low. It should be ideally between 60 and 80. Eat more fish with omega-3 fatty acids to serve raise HDL. Source(s):…
These levels are not fruitless. Cholesterol is not particularly related to weight but you should be worried about possibly developing diabetes next to that much excess weight. Your doctor should tell you whether your cholesterol levels are ok when he give you the numbers. You should also be checked for diabetes.

Here's a website that gives ranges for cholesterol numbers: Source(s): Have high cholesterol
Each of the cholesterol numbers have a capacity that reflects poor, normal or best. You total cholesterol of 117 is considered great or "best". Your HDL (which is considered "good" cholesterol of 35 is considered "poor". You really need to hold a number of 60 or greater to have considered "best". Having a high HDL really lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke. Your LDL of 74 is considered in principle good for someone at risk for heart disease. Your triglycerides are great. Considering you are 100 lbs overweight (which puts you at risk for heart disease) your numbers are really good. Being overweight will cause your HDL to be low so filch some weight off and you will be doing great! Congratulations on your numbers. Source(s):…

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