Are cold sores single from herpes?

i think its a cold sore its like a white thing but inside of my lip
it doesnt hurt really impossible just stings wen i touch it. if it is a cold sore does it mean i have herpes? and how is it possible if i never have oral sex
little kids get cold saws.
there are several different types of herpies.
and it just happens that cold saws are one of them.
by the passageway everyone is born with that type of herpies.
so dont worry
Cold sores are from herpes. But don't worry becasue here is two types of herpes. One for the mouth area and the other one is the serious one; in the groin area. They are stinging and blistex, oragel, or campho-phenic helps ease the pain and acquire rid of them quicker. Good luck.
Canker sores are a little different from cold sores. Canker sores are caused by bacteria, cold sores are cause by a virus.
Cold sores are usually caused by oral herpes. You can get oral herpes with out ever have any kind of sex. They are often passed during child hood when relatives or friends with cold sores kiss children near out knowing that cold sores are contagious. Cold sores are also very common to have 50-90 percent of the world have them.
Here is some info for you on cold sores.
Myths and facts on cold sores………
OMG if u never had oral. LOOL

no those get cold sores all the time
esp my mom, but its normal
my friend have one , adn it hurt her when
she ate.
btw, none of these people has stds; search it up

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