How would you be in motion nearly getting and ECG within England?

My daughter is 15 months old, is that too young to have an ECG and if, how would I go about getting one?

My husband has a heart condition that is to say hereditary and I wanted to find out whether my daughter has it. The lone way to find out is through an ECG.
I would speak to your GP, i would of thought he would refer you to check if it runs in the family.

If you go about it yourself you would probably have to go private which would probably be expensive (that's if she is competent to have one to start with)

In the UK your first port of give the name will be your GP, he can arrange for a referral to a Paediatric Cardiac Unit who can properly assess your daughter.
Waiting times for paediatric cardiac clinics vary depending on where you live and the urgency of the referral.

You could start of by phoning the children's heart federation which has a freephone direction line. This is a charity which supports all of the childrens cardiac parent support groups as well as advise parents.

Long Qt is a rare cardiac condition but can lead to sudden death and you are right surrounded by wanting to find out more and get your daughter checked.

I am a Senior Paediatric Cardiac nurse in the UK Source(s):
An ECG is generally not used as a stand alone diagnostic oral exam unless it's an arrhythmia. Which heart condition is it? If you re-edit and tell me I can be of more help.

If the hereditary condition your husband have is cause for concern then your GP will arrange appropriate diagnostic tests.

Yes for Long QT syndrome your child would inevitability an ECG and one is indicated at this age because it can occur in babies and toddlers. One can be born with a genetic mutation that puts you at risk of long QT syndrome. I'm surprised your GP hasn't done one already if he is aware of your husbands history?

Make an appointment next to your GP and he'll do one for you. An ECG with calculation of the QT interval will be performed, this is celebrated for all patients with a suggestive family history. Source(s): Cardiac Nurse
You have need of to ask your health visitor. I think customarily they'd tell you not to worry unless your daughter was displaying symptoms which you be concerned about.

Doctors, nurses, midwives and health visitors do extensive healthchecks on babies within the first two years of life and if they'd had any concerns about your daughter's heart they would enjoy told you immediately.
You would have to budge through your GP or health visitor. It is possible to do these on a child of this age but it isn't easy because the tolerant needs to sit very sit while the reading is being taken. It is just for a few seconds but show a child of this age that will sit still at all, without the stress of have stickers all over and being in a clinical environment. I wouldn't verbs about this. If your husband has a history they would keep an eye on any symptoms that show, and if nearby isn't any then all is well.

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