What Does It Mean If Your Blood Pressure is 98/48 With the Pulse of 73?

What does the Systolic and the Diastolic Pressure mean? Please Explain. =)) Thank You =)
Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure from the heart contractions that's applied on the blood vessel wall. The difference is the pulse pressure.

Many factors affect BP, eg stress, kidney damp squib (kidney control and regulate BP) exercise, medical problems eg stroke, age, infection... Usually athletes have lower BP and pulse.

If you are a teenager-early adulthood, BP of 98/48 with pulse of 73 is great and ordinary!
If systolic blood pressure is less than 90 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure is less than 60 mmHg, then it is considered as hypotension / low blood pressure. In the blood pressure reading 98/48 mmHg, systolic BP is low ordinary and diastolic BP is below normal.
Blood pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and usually given as 2 numbers. For example, 110 over 70 (written as 110/70).
* The top number is the systolic blood pressure reading. It represents the maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts.
* The bottom number is the diastolic blood pressure reading. It represents the minimum pressure within the arteries when the heart is at rest.
The cardinal symptom of hypotension is lightheadedness or dizziness. If the blood pressure is sufficiently low, fainting and often seizures will crop up.
Low blood pressure can usually be treated with success. Source(s): http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/…
At 73 the pulse is in the normal grown range which is 60 to 100.

Systolic BP is very basically the pressure when your heart contracts and diastolic when it relaxes. Single one stale readings are never to be considered diagnostic of anything. It is also important that cuff size is correct, too large and the reading is artificially low, and to ensure that any reading are taken properly with an accurate device.

That said in a normal grown individual on no medication 98/48 is an admirably healthy reading. Below the average and thus giving the individual a lower than average stroke and heart attack risk if maintained. Source(s): GP for more years than I thinking to remember

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