Do you dream up a cronic liver disease is curable?

hi fik

i'm sorry, but there is no cure available at this time for Chronic Liver Disease. plz follow this link for more...
It depends on what is causing the chronic liver disease. If it is diet or lifestyle related and you are childlike, it may reverse itself for a while provided you take corrective changes in the lifestyle, I.E. quit smoking, drinking, etc.

If it is because of hepatitis, it will be next to a person until they die.

The term "chronic" means a medical condition is pretty much undying.
There are many different causes of liver
What happens is that the cell of the liver
can become damaged. When this takes
place, the immune system of the patients
body will respond and cause inflammation
to develop inside the liver. If the effect
can be stopped, and the inflammation is
treated...then the liver cells may heal.

So, up to this is possible to reverse
the disease.

However, if the inflammation continues...
it can motivation death to the liver cells and,
therefore, cannot be reversed. Scar tissue
will start to form inside the liver that blocks
the flow of blood through the liver and also
to the other liver cell. The cells of the liver
will continue to die off, later.

Some of the causes of liver disease that can
be reversed {if the cells haven't started to die] are: Alcohol consumption,
fatty liver disease, chemical exposure,
medication toxification, blockage of the
bile ducts or infection.

These are some causes that may not be
competent to be reversed:
Viral infection like (Hepatitis B or C)
[unless specific response to treatment occurs],
Hereditary conditions, auto immune disease,
metabolic disorders, and others.

I hope this information has been of some
help out to you. Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
although your liver will repair itself when you cut down on alcohol, there comes a time when it is beyond repair, so it depends how much destruction the liver has suffered Source(s): from past experiance

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