Could I be heading for a heart attack?

I've had major depression for a few years now and I touch like it puts a lot of stress on my body, it's on my mind constantly. I read that if you have suffered from depression for a long time it increases the probability of it happening.

Sometimes I get a weird passion in my chest and loose my breath but it only lasts a few second. Randomly my body temperature gets up and and I start sweating for no reason. Also, I hold woken up recently sweating at night. About a year ago I had to step to the medical centre because I woke up and my heart rate was going crazy and I could hardly breathe, it took medication for it to slow down. They never told me what be wrong.

Just now I got a sharp pain that I feel in my left forearm right down to the tip in my ring finger which I hold never had before, it was a combination of niggle and pins and needles. I know heart attack pain can be felt in the disappeared arm.

I don't want to look stupid asking this in front of my doctor because it's probably nothing, but I'm asking here instead.
Conduct Stress ECG and Echocardiography and blood tests. Coronary artery disease suspected. Source(s):……………
Sounds approaching panic attacks combined with an esophageal ulcer. The swelling can cause all sorts of symptoms like a heart attack including the torment in the chest, the left arm, sweating etc. First thing you call for to do is to see a cardiologist and have some basic tests done. Then he may dispatch you to a doctor to do an endoscopy of your esophagus to see if there are any ulcers there which can irritate the "vagal" nerves.

PS, stupid is NOT unfolding your doctor this:!
the only person who can answer this would be a doctor preferable one who you would stir and see hun if worried go seek medical advice
hmm i would say maybe , i would say aloud to ask your doctor to be sure , dont be embarssed to ask , you should share your concern , but try not to be depressed try to find something that is fun and keeps your mind of whatever is making you depressed , brand name sure to tell your doctor about all the pains you hold been having and the past occurences. ( by the method , make sure to eat alot of healthy foods )
Many features of your story suggest anxiety which can mimic any symptom or disease. However it is essential that ALL chest pain is investigated so wish medical advice, hopefully your doctor will be able to provide reassurance. Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
Sounds like you are having an anxiety attack. It can often appear like a heart attack. You need to have yourself checked out to bring in sure it is not heart related anyway. Also, take the time to talk to the Dr just about your depression and anxiety. They can help.
You should definatly be in motion to your doctor to have this checked out. Dont take chances beside your health. And you dont have to feel stupid roughly asking your doctor questions, after all that is his work. Go get yourself checked out. I hope everything gets better.

Take care of yourself, and obedient luck.
i have an idea that it is an anxiety attack but go to your doctor... it isn't a stupid question :)

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