My friend told me he think he is Bulimic. What can I do to relieve him?

He told me he thinks he is fat and feels sick after meal. He has told me he is being sick and he used to stick his fingers down his throat but now he can merely be sick. He won't tell any of his family and he has with the sole purpose told his friends. Some of his friends think he is being silly. I don't and I really want to help him, I'm slightly worried. He isn't fat, actually hes already quite skinny. He's solitary 14. His sister is dating my brother, but I promised I wouldn't tell... Should I tell and how can I help him?
Ideally your friend ought to discuss the sitation with his doctor as well as his relations, but I can see that he probably wouldn't want to do so. You might find it helpful to get some information about Bulimia and afterwards share it with him, and he might feel happier about asking for minister to online rather than in person. There are a variety of support organisations such as -

Bulimia Help -

Overcoming Bulimia -…

Bulimia nervosa resource guide -
Start by finding out more just about the condition and this will help you to know what may be best for you to do. The best thing you can do now is to listen, to be nearby to support him, and to find out more about bulimia so that you can help him deal next to the problem.

Start with the NHS website -link below. Source(s):…
this is a very difficult issue because it is a different issue in your friend's mind, and even if you relate him what you see to be going on, he either won't believe you because it isn't what he sees to be the issue, or he will see what you're talking nearly and will actually want to be on that path. as a friend, you should first tell him what you're thought and that you're concerned for him because you care about him. i would also contact or some equivalent so that you can talk to someone roughly your feelings and get a second opinion around what you should do.

at the outset, i would not tell anyone your friend does not want to tell because you will just alienate yourself from him. first reach a deal it over with him. if that doesn't work contact a counselor or someone who you can ask for further info. if that doesn't lead to something positive and you fear for your friend's vivacity, tell his parents. but don't rush this and consider his feelings. good luck :P
The best way to confirm that is to seek for medical attention. Doctors know the symptoms of Bulimia and they can make a contribution proper medication for this type of eating disorder. Source(s):
Hun i've be through the exact same thing, and really i know its hard to accept but near isn't that much that you CAN do. I'm so sorry but all you can do is be a friend for him and support him. You have to be a good friend for him, this is such a serious problem but you cant force him to stop. It have to be his decision and he has to want to stop. It seems similar to he's reaching out if he's already told a few people. Just try to talk to him about it, sometimes adjectives it takes is a friend to get you back on the right track. Do NOT fail to acknowledge him to try and prove a point or it will make everything a million times worse. I've had a guy friend who was bulimic, and i've suffered from an consumption disorder too. And I can promise you that no matter how hard this is and no matter how much it hurts, if you enjoy someone you trust who you can rely on to talk to about it then you can procure through this. If his friends think he is being silly then they are human being really immature and stupid so maybe you should tell them that. Its much harder for guys to steal stuff like this seriously because it seems much more 'girly' to them. But still thats no excuse to ignore a such a serious problem. Maybe you should settle to them?

Don't tell anyone unless either you have his approval or it has got so bad that you are seriously concerned just about his health. I know its the 'right' thing to do to get aid from him and tell his parents but if it doesn't work then he's just going to be nutty and its only going to make it worse. Don't break your promise unless you really NEED to.
I'm guessing your about like peas in a pod age? Correct me if i'm wrong. 14 is such a young age to go through something like this, so if you can convince him to bring up to date the school counsellor or another adult you can trust then that would really give a hand im sure. But make sure he is comfortable about talking in the order of it first. Its such a sensitive subject for most people, and he must have been really upset about telling you so make sure you permit him know how much you appreciate it. It takes a lot of guts to be able to describe someone let me tell you. Just let him know that your here for him, try to help him in whatever bearing you can, support him and encourage him to talk about it. He will seize through this will your help and support.

this is a site me and my friend Jen made for people with consumption disorders. Maybe it can help you or him somehow:

good luck and i really hope you all the best

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