Swine flu out of proportion?

It all went up in the heavens when the Internet checklist started giving people with colds the thought that they had H1N1.. Along beside the ceasing of lab sample testing.

My friend is a nurse and she said that family were coming into the hospital, demanding the medicine.. even though they only have a cough and that the Tamiflu factory had to be under 24hr guard!

For people who really did enjoy swine flu, to get the medicine, she had to be escorted by 2 other senior nurses, within case she got assaulted for it, or in crust she took it.

Britain is good at prevention AFTER something has happened, so the factory have blatantly been robbed, by opportunist criminals that sell it to illegal immigrant who cannot get it from the government.

All seemed close to a way to make big tax money from the company who make the Tamiflu.... The number of swine flu cases are going down massively already :).

All seems a bit fishy either way... If any of you get Swine Flu, I hope you recovered just fine.

I find it scary, very vastly scary, that a non-serious influenza virus sent the world into turmoil and created a media-fed frenzy monster... I'd hate to think what would surface if something serious broke out, like a chemical sabotage !
I agree. It's really getting ridiculous. When you get down to it, yes it can be an epidemic, but ultimately, it's a moment ago a flu. It's not fatal unless left totally untreated. Did you know that whole CITIES surrounded by China have been completely quarantined? We're not talking something like a zombie infestation, but we sure are reacting that way! I don't get it.

The entity that I worry about more is the vaccination. When the H1N1 virus first emerge, the media was making it seem similar to there would never be a vaccination. All of a sudden, (like literally the next day) nearby is a limited supply of vaccinations...all over the world!? How does that work out so without delay?

I don't believe in the benefit of vaccinations anyway. You're pumping your body full of chemicals, mercury, and preservatives to PROTECT yourself from getting sick? How does that make sense? Plus, adjectives vaccines are immune suppressants, so people often get something else anyway after a vaccine. Why are they adjectives panicking?
Just wait until you get your see to come in and get your forced vaccinations i assume that may make a believer out of you . The World Health Organization has already upped the danger horizontal to the highest ever so that shots will become required and if you refuse you will face criminal prosecution at the most minuscule . The swine flu was not a case of some human kissing his pet pig and getting sick it was put into vaccination that was supposed to protect some one from getting another disease. And it was put there purposely to start a pandemic so the WHO could start innoculating every body on loam with their bio-weapons that Baxter International has made up.

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