Does anyone own fibromyalgia?

I am only 24 but have been suffering near some strange, irritating, and quiet painful symptoms for the past 2 years. I stumbled across a net site about fibromyalgia because I am currently experiencing chest pains (costochondritis) and there was a check-list of 27 symptoms & I have 24 of them!

What I'm wondering is, is this possible for my age? I am ashamed of even asking my doctor I feel like he will laugh at me. My adjectives family thinks I'm a hypochondriac but I'm quiet ordinary, quite smart, and quite sick and tired of being within pain.

my boss has it. its kinda like arthritis. go to the doctors unsurprisingly. and dont be proud when it comes to your health (easier said than done though, I know) - they're gonna give you drugs.

Beware of reading into those symptoms though. check to see which ones are just generic. if you own really specific things that appear on the list, then definitely turn. whats on the list? i'm sure some of them may sound right on the mark next to you, especially in your worried state - but if you check again with a neutral mind, do any of them appear generic and adjectives?
Yes, I found a website that has everything from topic overview to a symptoms checker and all test and treatments too. Please go to and enter fibromylagia in the search nouns. The link will come right up. It's advisable to start at the beginning and read everything pertaining to you. Then if you do think you might hold it you can go to the doctor. From your description of yourself it sounds like this information will help bring your doctor to partner you with others so you have a team for the proper diagnosis as this is sturdy to diagnose. Good luck and God Bless Source(s): nursing experience and
have you asked a doc about this at all--those 24 symptoms could be something else---as heaps conditions have similar symtpoms

psoriasis is a form of INFLAMAMTORY arthritis i beleive

there is no inflammtion with fibro

i would suspect if you enjoy psoriasis it is possible you have a body wide inflammatory condotiopn

most docs are clueless about fibro and over diagnose it or won't diagnosi it at adjectives

it is no where near as common as said--i know more inhabitants that were misdiagnosed with it tahn actually have it

but yes--it can happen at any age--i had symtpoms wheni was 5

its not really kinda resembling arthritis--arthritis has inflammtion--fms does not

fms is a neuro condition--arthritis is not

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