What could these symptoms expect?

1) sore throat
2) cough
3) temp. of 100.4

dont wanna go to the Dr. if its nothing too serious.
flu, strep, or bronchitis is what would come to my mind.

try calling your doctor so he can lift a look. especially since everyone is worried about Swine Flu.
There are a number of possibilities, from mild to severe.
But likely, I'm guessing it's only something mild.

So, I'd say a cold, or influenza.
More likely the flu, because the flu usually comes with a sore throat.
It sounds like you enjoy the flu or something like that. Just get some rest and drink plenty of fluids. Take an acetaminophen toi relieve your sore throat and to help bring down your restlessness. If this does not clear up in a week, I would suggest going to see a doctor

Get Well Soon!

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