Can you inject someone beside cancer?

Is it possible to inject someone with cancer? My husband believes that Jade Goody sadly died because people want to procure back at her for her racist comments made on BB. He thinks someone - maybe at a do - quickly injected something in. Is this possible?
These ppl are not so bright; since you have an explained curiosity and don't sound like some terrorist trying to present us all cancer...
It isn't possible to guarantee giving someone cancer, but it IS most definately possible to inject someone with already cancerous cells surrounded by the hopes that it will develop cancer in the injected individual. Like someone else said, we do it to lab rats all the time in hopes to find a cure...
Oh and I should mention that this request for information was presented a few weeks ago though not as tactfully that's y i made the comment about not appearing resembling a terrorist trying to kill us all with cancer... This be the basic answer that a medical doctor gave the idiot asking.. Not that you're an idiot, that person sounded as if they in actuality wanted to give themselves or someone else cancer...
Is this actually what happen? I highly doubt it.
it is possible to inject cancer cell (called implantation) and its used as an experimental technique. But the cancr develops at the site of the injection. It would take a very sick and paranoid mind to come up with that as a motive of Jade Goody's death-hypothetically, they would have had to inject the cells into her cervix, not really possible at a knees-up.

She had a long history of abnormal cervical smear tests which she unobserved. She didn't turn up for follow-up tests and ignored all counsel from her GP about going until it was too late. It be very sad, dying of a preventable disease, but she contributed towards her death by not taking responsibility for her own form.
two points stupid!
You can't inject someone with cancer but i suppose you could inject them with chemicals that could produce cancer cells to form.

Because cancer is a mutation of your own DNA in your own cells it cannot be injected because these cell then form the hard lumps that make up tumors.

However, not adjectives cancer cells will definitely create tumors. Lots of people own pre-cancer cells that never mutate into mature cancer cells. Source(s): ST Nurse
cancer is where on earth a cell(s) in your body malfunction and go abit crazy.....and they convey nearing cells crazy....and it can spread to other places.

but no in answer to your question cancer is not contagious between many people, and you cant "give" someone cancer
the answer is no.Jade had underlying health problems years formerly she was even famous. directly involving benign tumours that needed to be removed. thats why she became an ambassador to bring awareness of cervical cancer and getting girls tested for it. surrounded by the uk girls cant get tested by law until theyre 25 or something stupid like that.
You actually CAN inject someone next to cancer. Researchers do it all the time in lab mice.

I doubt that's what happened to Jade Goody.
that's just evil, and sounds absurd, i don't know, but im guessing no

What a dreadful thought, Absolutely not, she didn't come out of that show vastly well, but she certainly stood up and faced the world near it, unlike the other two girls who also did it, and Tito Jackson made some nasty racial remarks as well, are they adjectives cancer targets? of course not, you would have to be pretty bad to do such a gross act.

happytiger. Source(s): Myself

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