I hold this problem around my stomach its be 2 days its on my right side and i can't seize rid of it it?

i tried tums and mineral water and milanta and limon and salt with baking soda
they worked but not alot basically a burp help me tell me what it is
it feels similar to gas or air what is it please tell me whats it called and how to draw from rid of it
Alan, your "problem" could have several different causes. Try to avoid drinking carbonated beverages (like sodas or beer). Gallbladder disease could produce stomach pain, especially after a fatty banquet. At times, a sensitivity to milk and other dairy products with lactose can do the same (cheese, ice cream). Stomach twinge is someimes felt with a reflux of acid stomach juice back up into the lower esophagus as a result of a diaphragm hiatus hernia. Over-the-counter medicines include "purple pills" such as Prilosec who reduce stomach acerbic. It's your call. Source(s): a medical professional

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