What can I put on mosquito bites to sort them stop itching?

I have about a million and I would really like some facilitate!
Sarna Lotion, or Aloe Vera
I've purchased a small electric device like described on this link. This helps and it's comfortable to carry with you.

In the article there's a link to other devices that use bake in stead of electricity. So if you can't get such an electric device quickly, you might try another source of warmth to imitate the function of those others.
cortaid or cortizone cream.
Well; you can go get the " OFF " lotion/ spray to protect your skin from mosquito bites; and i think they hold some kind of spray that prevents your bites from getting itchy; you can get it at drug stores; or if you have aloe vera gel at home; that will assistance too.
rubbing alchohal does wonders (not the drinking kind)

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