Valve repair and dental implant?

I have mitral valve prolase and my family dr wishes me to request repair from my heart dr that I see I sweat alot ,weak short of breath after climbing a flight of stairs. I have trouble sleeping at night as very well as having a lot og muscule pain is adjectives this connected? should i have this taken care of before i enjoy dental inplants or should i have it all done in like peas in a pod stay when i was a child i had rickets and by the time i was 14 i be losing my teeth and by the time i was 16 i had false teeth and i really would like to enjoy a nice smile once in my life i am 57 year old feminine what should i do?
A dentist typically won't perform any procedures, especially a dental implant, on a merciful with untreated mitral valve prolapse (with regurgitation).

I would discuss the mitral valve prolapse beside your heart doctor get that taken care of first, and get your implant done at a later time. Source(s): I'm a Dental Hygienist.
You need to sort out your heart problem first.
You do not say if you are over shipment which could cause breathlessness climbing stairs and be the reason you perspire a lot. I do not know if the muscle spasm is connected. Worrying about your health could cause you to lose sleep.
Be guided by your doctor.
After sorting that out you can consider dental implant. I don't think any reputable dentist would consider implants while there is a possibility your heart is compromised.
I am sure your smile is without fault ok, now look after your heart.
If your mitral valve disease is responsible for your symptoms you really need to get this repair done beforehand moving on to what is effectively a cosmetic procedure. Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
Acute infection (endocarditis), sometimes as a result of an abcess of a tooth, is however still a common cause of spout disease. Bacteria can destroy the valve in as little as a week.
Since you enjoy mitral valve prolapse, you may have mitral regurgitation also. All your symptoms are connected with mitral regurgitation.
You may experience mitral valve repair/ mitral valve replacement surgery through minimally invasive procedure. Source(s):…………………………

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