What is the quickest and most important method to soothe & treat sunburn?

I was just advised by a beautician that she once used Greek Yogurt on her obverse and it cleared up the very next day. I also hear that aloe vera gel would work, but I was just wondering what each of these two products in actuality do to heal your skin?

I was also told that depending on the severity of your burn your skin can continue to burn over the subsequent few hours or days if its bad enough. Is this true and why does this occur?

appreciation :)
Aloe is a plant native to Africa. The long green leaves contain aloe gel. Aloe gel is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects and is used topically to soothe burned skin and to help alleviate wounds.

Pure aloe vera gel can be found in many drug stores and health food stores. The fresher the gel, the more effectual it is believed to be. You can even use a real aloe plant--cut off a spear, split it open, and rub the clear gel from the inside of the branch on the sunburn. Avoid the sticky yellow latex. Aloe gel should not be used for severe burns or wounds. Source(s): http://altmedicine.about.com/od/aznatura…
I resembling to use Solarcaine spray. It also comes with Aloe in it. It cools the burn down in a hurry. Aloe does come across to be better for treating sunburn.

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