Ill for 7 weeks, virus?

Since the end of June, about 7 weeks, I've been suffering near some kind of virus, well I think it's a virus. I've have 3 bouts, the first was mild and lasted about 3 days, I have slightly funny vision and was tired. The second bout was much worse, it put contained by me bed for 4 days, I was tired, sore throat (felt like it was expanding outwards) and swollen glands. Third bout come on about 2 weeks ago with badly swollen glands around my jowl, particularly the left-hand side, and lumps in the back of my décolletage which I also assume are swollen glands.

Had a blood test which was clean. Doctor said he didn't exam for Glandular fever as I'm 33, but didn't rule it out.

Any advice gratefully received!
It's been a right 7 weeks :(

p.s. Having a lot of stress at work, does anyone know if stress can cause/perpetuate this kind of thing?
Hi Davids,

You are already doing the most appropriate thing. Please verbs with your treatment with your treatment team.

People resembling me who answer questions are not professionally qualified. We offer views base on our experiences. To me it seems like you have lowered resistance. I do not know the reason. Your doctor who treats you, has your lab results and your case history will be able to assist you better.

Stress can lower your resistance and cause this sort of symptoms but I do not feel competent to tell you that this is the basis in your situation.

I am pleased to note that your doctor has done some test. I am happy for you that the results are all clear. I hope that there is nil seriously wrong with you. Also, I am sure you already know that bacterial and viral infections usually clear up in one to two weeks.

Read this article if you like.… Source(s):…
Seven weeks is a long time to suffer with a virus, did the doctor give you anything, did he says to return if it continued. I expect more tests are in order. You enjoy something they're missing. Source(s): Former MedLab Technologist supervisor.
Unless you own an extremely high fever tt is most likely a virus you are dealing near but that doesnt mean it should be taken too lightly! I have an immune disorder and know what it isi approaching to be chronically ill so here are a few pointers. Firstly, yes stress can be a HUGE trigger or magnifier of symptoms. Lack of sleep, trouble at work, disagreements among family members - adjectives these things can contribute to you getting and staying sick. You need to put some time aside to focus entirely on getting well. Get plenty of rest, eat regular meal, take multivitamins, and drink plenty of water. If you find yourself feeling tired after a smaller number than normal amount of activity, listen to your body and take a break. Make sure to procure fresh air, don't lock yourself up in the house like Boo Radley but for the most module until you are better you should try to stay off your feet. Sometimes the thought of eating isnt intensely appealing when you are sick like that - that's where the soup comes in. Soups my best friend - it help with the sore throat, goes down easy near swollen glands, and it just makes you feel better to hold a warm belly full of soup and the vapors help you breathe. You need to hang on to your doctor updated about your condition so they can do any necessary tests to rule out something treatable. Unfortunately virus cannot usually be treated with medication so it is up to you to arm you white blood cells by making your body as strong as you can. I have notice that when I go through these bouts of sickness and I finally start to feel better the first thing I want to do is jump somewhere fun which is usually a public place - I do not advise it. Apparently my body is thankful that I have be caring for it but not all the germs have be defeated and going out to the mall or a movie or somewhere like that either lead to a relapse or a new virus to fight. It's a tough battle and you will own your good days and your bad but if you keep reminding yourself that your primary priority should be to take care of yourself you should come out of it ok. I recommend getting a referral from your general practitioner to an immunologist because they might be capable of find out why you are having such trouble fighting this off and could possibly prevent adjectives occurrences. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. And don't forget about the soup. Source(s): I'm a medic near immune problems
sorry and good luck
It could be mono, but If your blood test came clean... I'm not sure. Best of luck to you! (and yes stess deffinetly can basis things like that).

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