Could runner underlie contain asbestos?

I was ripping up my pop's old house carpet underlay/underfelt and i be concerned at the time if it contained asbestos. My pop and i wore no mask.

I did find some information here -…
The solitary way to know is to have it tested by a lab. You can find one in the washed out pages or a web search. Take a piece and put it within a ziplock bag to give to the lab. Make sure the piece has adjectives layers and any glue that was on the bottom. Source(s): 20 years asbestos inspector
It is a possiblity since it is a really outdated house. But it really shouldn't have it in there to start off with. I think it may have. :( I would do some more research to see if it could of cause any effects to you or your grandfather
:( sorry.…

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