Would you own a usual blood pressure reading if you be have a heart attack?

i am having left arm pain and lately be feelign weird in my chest like a tightness not sure if its anxiety. i am simply 31 and healthy and do suffer from anxiety and I just took my blood pressure reading and it was run of the mill 120/80.
It could be anxiety which, if severe enough can cause a heart problem. While you are having such an episode (left arm strain and tightness in chest) your blood pressure may read differently that when you are not having it. While your blood pressure is normal very soon, you should be checked out by a cardiologist. At least an ECG should be given, and if any abnormality is detected, further testing. Good luck.
i think you should pop in your doctor because you may find out that this are signs of stroke but what is amusing is that the blood pressure is normal .
heart disease is a sign of store in a way and the headache is on the left side, i can say you should check your doctor and ask about this sings and ask if they could correlation to stroke Source(s): my knowledge

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