Decorated epilepsy soft shell helmet?

I have a five year old with seizure getting ready to start school. We just get her medical grade soft shell helmet. The thing is hideous, but I want her to be proud of it and not embarassed by it when she gets to university.

For the life of me I can't find any online images of helmets moms have bedecked. I was hoping people would have cute concept, or pics of decoration ideas for this.
I almost want to start my own business doing this for kids like mine!
Yea, festoon it with fun stuff she loves. I love the idea about your business. There are already a few companies that put on the market them and if you can get an affiliation with them, it may work! Good luck.
These are for bicycle helmets. I'm not sure the difference between those and a medical helmet so I'm not sure if they would work. But they're pretty cool.

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