Question in the region of a virus?

My mom had a virus a couple of months ago that made her sick. Last week the doctor told her that the virus may have went into her liver and produce cancer. So right now she has to get another blood exam to check her enzymes and probably get an ultrasound. Is this common? I really don't understand any of this. We don't even know what variety of virus it was.
There are virus that can enter the human body and
go into the liver and use the liver cells to replicate itself.
These are set as Hepatitis A,B,C, etc.

Once the virus uses the liver cell, the cell itself is
destroyed and can form scar tissue inside the liver.
This scar tissue can block the flow of blood to any
healthy cell that are left and they can start to die off,
also. The virus has very soon made more progress in
taking over the liver moves onto to other liver
cells to use them, also.

There is treatment for the virus to try and stop this
from continuing. All liver patients, that hold damage
to the cells, are a higher risk of developing cancer.

The blood test, that the doctor does:
(1)The liver enzymes (known as the ALT, AST, GGT,
and Alkaline Phosphatase) will show the doctor
if there is damage to the liver cells.
(2) The liver functions test (known as the Bilirubin,
INR, and Albumin) will show how well the cells of
the liver are able to do the 500 plus functions that
the liver does to keep hold of the body well.
(3) The viral testing will show if a virus has enter
the body and using the cells to replicate itself.

Usually, the doctor will do more than one blood testing
to confirm that the liver has a problem. No one audition
is 100% accurate.

When the liver cells become damaged, because
of any number of different causes, the immune
system of the body responds to this and raison d`être
inflammation to develop inside the liver. This
inflammation can cause the liver to enlarge in size.
If the doctor suspects that there is inflammation,
they will do an ultrasound to confirm what the
blood work results may indicate.
With the ultrasound, they can see if the liver is
enlarged surrounded by size, if it has any kind of
cysts, cancer, etc...and also how capably the blood
if flowing through it.

Your Mother should be with either a gastroenterologist
or hepatologist now. Usually, it is the Hepatitis C
virus that cause the most problems.

Here is a site about Cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis
of the liver is when the cells of the liver die off and
form mark tissue inside the liver.……

Here is a site that will explain more about the liver..
It is a small movie. After the movie is over...there are
links there to explain more just about Hepatitis C…

Here are some links about the different type of
Hepatitis virus:……

For someone who has Hepatitis C...this is the best
site on the web to fathom out it:

There is a support group, on Yahoo, that is for people
who develop Cirrhosis and also their loved ones and
caregivers. They help others take to mean more about
the disease, will answer questions, and there are links
at hand also. It is free to join.…

You can click on any of the links, I mentioned, to go to

I hope your Mother finds out that she doesn't have what
the doctor suggested...

Hope this information have been of some help to you. Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
hepatitis of some sort I'd suspect

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