Swine flu awareness ?

friends i'm trying to do a great work against the swine flu .i want to create a awareness in between the peoples so that they can live a safe life.i'm sending mail to a lot of people who are in the yahoo chat rooms and i've attached a file(in .sisx format) for the total information of swine flu.do you judge it will work? is it possible to create alert by this method?
yes thats a great way a lot of ethnic group are on there and it will drw in needed attention
It is a great career that u r doing by creating awareness. Also include precautions to prevent spread of the disease, and what to do in case u contact the disease.
There is a lot of misinformation and exaggeration to be precise causing panic among the general public. The network is being misused by commercial minded indivduals to sell masks or other bits and pieces, creating unwanted panic during this difficult times. This must be avoided. Public must be cautioned not to panic.
Well dude what you are trying to do its really gr8 n i think i will work out for sure.
but you know that only 1 ^person cannot achieve the purpose and if you can make a group of friends it will can be work out more better way.
all the best. Source(s): myself.sai
you think very good but you told every man out of danger life becouse of
you are use to tesu pepar and every man suggest given that they are
use tisu pepar and very good sofe and you contact swine flu you sanctuary evey person
Nice article on Keep Swine Flu Away With Basic Precautions must read and forword to adjectives of your friends >> http://finestmail.blogspot.com/2009/08/k…

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