Thyroid Cancer Pain? What is the Cause and treatment?

Is there an experienced Oncologist that can answer this? I have Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 1 (M.E.N. 1). It first manifested beside parathyroid tumors (benign) as well as Thyroid Tumors (papillary malignancy). The indicating symptom which led to the diagnosis was severe pooled pain in all focal joints. The pain was first attributed to soaring serum calcium levels (13+) and an assumed psudogout condition from the high ca levels base on the joint pain. Total thyroidectomy/parathyroidectomy completed. Then Metastasis to both lungs with approximately 20 3mm papillary tumors which after a V.A.T.S procedure found the tumors be mixed with sarcoid tissue. this is where I am at now.
My give somebody the third degree for you is this: I am still experiencing massive joint pains in my major joint. All blood chemistry is normal now and RA tests are glum. I take massive Morphine doses in order to basically get up out of my chair. The joint misery is crippling, and none of my doctors have been able to find ANY REASON for the twinge. CT's and MRI's are negative for psudogout or cartilage degeneration.
Can the mere existence of the Thyroid Cancer tumors in my lungs be the cause of collective pain? Can my body just "hurt" because I have cancer? Is this type of complaint adjectives? My doctors are less than understanding and are always tentative to prescribe the pain meds for lack of a positive diagnosis and no physical evidence as to the cause of the discomfort. Could it be the sarcoid tissue causing the pain? Please help. I am so frustrated near my doctors, they never prescribe enough pain meds to allow me to get on my foot for any length of time, and I have 5 young kids to try to keep up near!
You might want to contact ThyCa they would probably be able to help with some of your question (Papillary Q's)... but they don't deal with M.E.N. Sarcoid tissue can cause ache and pains. I really think you should look for another doctor, one that will listen to all your concerns. Source(s): Papillary Thyroid Cancer patient
when I have my thyroid issues...mine was hashimotos, I had terrible affliction in all my joints, and feel like I had RA or chronic fatigue...many of us are resembling that. now that my thyroid levels are good for me (a bit low on a number level, but I feel good) I have no more pain. Thyroid cancer, as far as I know, does not result in pain. I want to refer you to an excellent organization that may be of some help. is the key one, and then the yahoo health group for thyca will also be useful. I know here were women and men on there who had some similar situations when I used to call on it alot for all my questions. please try going to those places and they may be of help. or at smallest you will know you are not alone and they will understand. Lastly, the thyca web site may help you find an endocrinologist who specializes within thyroid and/or cancers in your area. that may also be an answer. I know of one woman who have it spread to lungs and brain and she is in remission now for over 2 years. I wish you angelic luck and good health. Source(s):
yahoo health group/ thyca

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