17 Years Old Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic and PCOS..?

I was Diagnosed a week ago with Type 1 Diabetes. I now present myself 4 injections a day and test myself 6-8 times a day. Although i desire i didn't have it..im just glad that im alive and that i have another unpredictability at life.

I was also told that there's a 95% chance that i enjoy PCOS. Which i am very distressed about because all i want surrounded by life is to start a family with my partner. We own been together for 4 years (yes i know, very young) and all we want is to start a relations in the near future.

We are both almost 18 and i be just wondering if anyone else has had this begin to them and been able to conceive naturally or even In-Vitro? The Doctor said that because i very soon have this that i should not leave staring a family ancient 25 years as it gets alot harder with age.

So if there is anyone out within that has gone through this please can you tell me about your experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
I be diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 16 years old which be 13 years ago. Honestly I would say WAIT and pay more attention to your diabetes for now and bestow it some time and experience. Diabetes is a lifetime condition and a complicated one. You should have your sugar levels under control, be completely literary about diabetes as well as nutrition, and have plenty experience to know your body well enough.

I only read aloud this because being 16 with Type 1 was not smooth. First its hard enough dealing with coming of age, different stages and hormonal change in your life and adding diabetes over that was a challenge.

Pregnancy complicates things much much more. I dont' understand what your Dr is relating you about "past 25 years as it gets alot harder near age" Does he mean diabetes or pregnancy? Diabetes does not get more difficult after 25. When you get to be a senior at hand are more complications but not as a YOUNG adult. I am 29 and feel that Im in much better condition with my diabetes than when I was a teenager. But plentifully of that just has to do with experience and coming to my senses.

Do you own an Endocronologist or Diabetic Specialist? You need to be working with an Endo and I would highly recommend a Nutritionist to construe the ins and outs of Diabetes and diet which is much more complicated than you would think.

You have only be diagnosed a week ago. With regard to Diabetes you have a long road ahead of you (the rest of your life) and you are way young-looking. Get on track with your diabetes first and then approach pregnancy otherwise you risk more complications.

Also look into the insulin pump. There are many models on the souk today and a pump is AWESOME! It makes managing diabetes so much easier and does things manual injections simply do not do.

Good luck!
As the daughter of an adopted child, and the wife of an adopt child, I must say, you have other options. Good luck.

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