What does non specific findings on a MRI penny-pinching?

could mean your fine, but get a second opinion if its serious and persistant.
The term "non-specific" is used for changes that do not actually fit into completely mundane anatomy, but at the same time does not fit into any actual disease. Among other things that means that your son does not have a brain tumor or any other serious structural abnormality.
If your doctor told you it was nothing to worry something like when in fact it was serious would not one and only be unethical it would be illegal. Nonspecific means the findings could be due to a quantity of reasons not anything in demanding. Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
Strangely enough it means that the changes aren't specific to any focused disease
Non specific findings is basically medical mumbo-jumbo for saying they didn't see any abnormal findings in the MRI.

Why can't they only just speak english, right?

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