How do I cope near genital herpes?

I am an (otherwise) healthy, active, 24 year old woman within a monogamous relationship for 4 years with the only man I have ever be with. I just tested positive for HSV-2 after getting checked for what was my first outbreak. Apparently herpes test are not common as a part of routine STD checkups unless someone has an outbreak, or it is specifically asked for. So it turns out my boyfriend have been a silent carrier, with no outbreaks, for adjectives these years and I just happened to contract it now.

This is devastating for me - and I would resembling to know from others who have herpes how I can learn to cope. I still can't seem to adopt and acknowledge that I have herpes and I feel like I'm surrounded by denial. Does this get easier? How is this going to change my life immediately? Please, any (mature) advice and support would be much appreciated.
i know exactly how you grain since my recent diagnosis. i went through the seven stages of grief (no kidding) & have finally found some peace with it. undesirably the stigma is more powerful than the actual infection & i've struggled with how to even think about relationships near this. finding chat groups online & joining a dating website has helped more than i can ever say. i know i be feeling incredibly isolated as if i was the only being on the planet with this.

don't think you're going crazy! denial is as much a part of this as agreement & i hope you can reach a peace with this soon. allow yourself to deal next to this & i'm so glad you asked this question. at first my every single thought was 'i have hsv, i hold hsv' (couldn't even bring myself to say 'herpes', even now it takes a second!) & after my denial i'd quality such a depression it was unreal. i'd even look at people & wonder if they had it too. the over-enthusiastic negative thoughts were overpowering.

go online & research how you can preserve yourself healthy. doctors don't know everything so look into more natural ways to keep yourself outbreak-free (i embargo to be a slave to valtrex or any suppressive medicine). get educated on this, you'll feel close to you're taking the power back over this diagnosis. it'll take you a moment but promise yourself that you won't wallow. grant yourself time to feel sad, then bring educated & get over it. if you have expectation, lean on it. lean on it hard & ask your faith to help you. you own to if you want to live the happy life you deserve that's also not defined by this. there hold been moments lately that i even forget!!

it's gonna be ok :-)
my aunt got herpies she take medicine you will too be honest with your partners when you agree on to have sex again use pertection at all times and just so you know she have a child and a husband she her life went on so can yours good luck and god bless
Time makes it all better...

Do a LOT of research... cram as much as you can about the virus. It helps a lot... I get diagnosed 2 months ago.. and after researching... i feel much better about it.
He already has the virus, which process you don't really have to make adjustments...

People on here aren't outstandingly mature... My advice... sign up on "ā€¦ the people within are super nice... you can ask anything, and people answer within a few minutes... people who own had the virus for many many years. They're sweet and compliant. And the website itself is designed to educate people about the virus... the links are fundamentally informative. I know i sound like i'm advertising.. but it's of late that that's what has helped me the most. Talking and discussing it with other nation who understand...

Good luck to you... i honestly mean that... i know the first few days are tough... :/

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