Daughter near hives bellyache and migraines what could it be?

my eight year old has a a migraine for two weeks and the last four days she have had a bellyache with severe hives doctor said it was an allergic impulse but when i ask if she should see an allergist he says no please if you can help thank you
It is true that some migraines are triggered by allergies, so benadryl can be the treatment. But you need to digit out what she is allergic to so you can get rid of the source instead of just doping her up so she have some type of nouns. Get a new doctor, what kind of doctor would make a child move about through this without trying to get them some relief ? I explain to you what kind a greedy good for nothing one, that should not even treat your worst antagonist. Get a new doctor and take care of infant like you think she should be treated. Source(s): Registered Nurse
what does her allergist say?

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