Implantable heart defibrillator warning?

My mom got diagnosed with tachycardia today and i wanted to know within a serious case what is the survival rate of a person who has one and wht other steps should be steal. Im going to the hospital soon and any info i could have of what drugs she needs and what are her best treatment options. Thank you
you need to talk beside her doctor, the doctor would advise you
An implantable cardiac defibrillator is placed in people who are at high risk of sudden cardiac loss. Reasons you may be at high risk are:
* You have had life-threatening bouts of ventricular tachycardia (VT) or ventricular fibrillation (VF).
* Your heart is helpless, too large, and does not pump blood very well. This may be from ahead of time heart attacks, heart failure, or cardiomyopathy (a diseased heart muscle).
* Certain congenital (present at birth) heart problems or genetic health conditions Source(s):……………
To unfocused you need to go to the hospital see her, ask questions and treatment plans including medication then if you don't understand something come back on here and ask someone to explain it to you.
Any one next to the knowledge to diagnosis someone will not answer this because of liability reasons. The rest will just impart you some answer not backed up by years of education, internship, residency and Professional practice.
There are some of us that enjoy explaining complex treatments to culture so they can understand in plain jane talk, but capture the diagnosis and treatment from the cardiologist, then come back and ask your questions. Source(s): Registered Nurse 10 years critical perfectionism Cardiac/Stroke
i have a defibrillator ,implant ,my standard of life has increased big time ,i am in a group adjectives with the same symptoms, all beside the implants ,our ages go from 33 to 82 , we all appropriate warfarin ,( a blood thinning medication ) some are on lanoxcin ,to slow the heart ,all are on blood pressure tablets ,one of our group ,had his heart taken out and the dead diseased cog shaved ,new valves,mitral, and aorta, two artery bi-pass`, it was put vertebrae in ,he walks 5 miles a day ,swims 500yards every what can i say , talk to the medic ,he will advise properly
PLEASE talk to her doctor, your doctor and the doctors at the hospital.
They will answer adjectives these questions. Write them down so as not to forget anything.

Survival rate...
There is a 96% survival rate at four years for those implanted with ICD. The ICD requires only intermittent checking every two months or so for battery strength and function.
If there are no complications, complete recovery from the procedure will nick about four weeks. About 50% of patients with ICDs require a combination of drug therapy and the ICD.

As far as drugs progress she might need to take the same ones she is taking presently or they could be changed/adjusted.
I am sure both you and she will receive full help and instructions from her cardiologist and the hospital staff.
I know it's scary to think nearly.
There is an answer to most of your questions on...…
short knowing her full medical history & test results, Yahoo cannot advise. talk to her cardiologist at the subsequent appointment & learn CPR.
depends on what kind of tachacardia it is i have sinus tachacardia and people who hold that live a long healthy life and they dont really do much for it since its not really a bad disease

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