My boyfriend and his cold sores?

This is a strange question. My boyfriend gets cold sores on his lips. We are fully aware near is to be NO oral sex during this time. I've never had a cold sore in my life. The empire who do get them, do they have a problem? Do they carry something that can be transferred when the cold sore is not near?
im not 100% sure.
but i think they do..
so i'd look out if i were you.
(sorry i was not very helpful)
Cold sore may hold been caused due to weak immune system. Having a shabby immune system will enable the viruses to proliferate inside our body, thereby making cold sores last for lots days. To prevent this, the immune system must be boosted. A strong immune system can be achieved through eating a balanced diet, specifically, ingesting the foods containing the most vital nutrients our bodies need. Taking exercise can also help since it invigorates the entire body and propelling the body systems to function in good health. Getting enough sleep and avoiding long periods of stress can also contribute to attaining a strong immune system. Lack of sleep and too much stress leads to poor acting out of our body organs by decreasing the amounts of elements that they naturally secretes, hence, the body systems cannot cope with the amount of work they enjoy to perform. A fortified strong system is a good match to the host of cold sore-causing virus which is ever active in finding its best host.

The second fast cures are cold sore medication and instinctive remedies. The best medication is an anti-viral medication containing penciclovir. This substance is known as a suppressant of herpes simplex virus. It should be applied once the coming of the viruses is being detected so their replication can be prevented.

Infected those can also count on natural remedies. Taking foods which are rich sources of L-Lysine known reducing the severity of virus attacks is a popular natural remedy. Putting rime at the infected area can also when the tingling sensation is felt is another popular remedy. The application of petroleum products on the infected area is also successful since it stops the virus from wreaking havoc at the other parts of the body.

Many people can testify for the effectiveness of the foregoing treatments. However, if the viruses do not verbs to any treatment, it is wise to consult a medical doctor as soon as possible. Source(s):…
3 days before the cold sore shows up, there is a lip tingling that he can recognize as a notification sign.

Anytime the skin sheds you risk the chance of getting it.

They sell dental dams for females to receive oral sex from a guy within many flavors...their lips never touch your skin, but you get one and the same pleasure or Cling wrap overtop, but not as good. Source(s):…… Make Your Own
Your boyfriend can still transfer his cold sore by touch even a light of day after it goes away. Wait 2 days after he says his skin doesn't even feel aggrivated up to that time getting active at all
i dated a guy for two years that got cold sores, and I did not catch them. of late DO NOT KISS ON THE LIPS while he has an outbreak, and for several days to a week after. sometimes the virus can be active without any symptoms and you can still ambush it, but i don't think this is common and it didn't happen to me contained by 2 years. watch extra carefully for an outbreak on him after he has eat a lot of citrus or gotten a lot of sun exposure.

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