What could this be..?

My girlfriend found out she had hpv when she had a pap... but it was glorious risk not the warts... now its about 3 months latter and i have what looks like a genital wart break out... I did the vinegar test and they turned white so i thought they be warts... So i did the apple cider vinegar treatment and they scabbed over then went away... but vanished little mark... now i have what looks close to little pimple on the shaft of my penis.. afraid of scars i order wartrol and have be taking it for a month and no change... is there anything else it could be... and what should i do... I want to get checked by doctor but dont want parents to know.
Yahoo! can't fix everything, you should seriously consult a physician.
sounds resembling an odd case of HPV for it being big risk...better safe than sorry.
oh my
kiddo you need to sort an doctors appointment
try planned parenthood def
and dont try and "cure" yourself because it is not going to work and you would still be spreading the diasease no matter if you can see the warts or not and while your within get checked for other stds as well Source(s): 1-8OO-230-PLAN
call it!
be greatly very very careful using vinegar! because you can ruin your skin very badly and even leave a scar!!

be patient! Wartrol will work! jaust wait + you still MUST build up your immune system! Source(s): http://www.naturalherbalmedicine.org
Go to a free/family planning clinic, they won't tell your parents. They're not just for women, they back men too.

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