Give 5 Good Slogans for HIV/AIDS?

Its More embarassing than Swine Flu
I can suggest you 5 slogans but few may be you are aware of it,Anyhow the slogans are:-

1.AIDS- Jaankari hi bachav.
2.Use Condoms to Prevent AIDS.
3.Safe Sex for Safe Life.
4.Prevention is better than Cure
5.AIds: Create the Awareness more or less it.
AIDS - natures way of spring cleaning the earths population…
1) AIDS - the gift that keeps on giving!
2) AIDS - the deadly disease, next to a funny name!
3) AIDS - keeping AZT pushers in business since 1985!
4) AIDS - If it's good ample for Magic Johnson, it's good enough for me!
5) AIDS - Scaring teenagers out of sex since 1982! Source(s): I played Rich in the play "As Is" (at community college)
Sex - (minus) Condom = AIDS
1. Zindagi ya maut aapke haath , Aids se bache apne saathi ko bachaye.
2. HIV +, Milaaye haath se haath saath saath, aur na bhoole condomn ka saath
3. HIV - khulkar na bole agar nahi hain protection
4. apna aur apne bacco ka bhayaishya sudhaare- jaankari baccho ko bhi de de
5. protection ke bina bus pachtawa he rahega

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