I'm own Scalp Psoriasis. What medication do I hold to be on?

I have Scalp Psoriasis, it's minor, but you don't know how embarassing it is to flake out in public! The pharmacist recommended me Beprosalic ointment ( Betamethasone dipropionate + Salicylic Acid) but I don't come up with it works, and I really can't be bothered spraying that onto my whole scalp, it would take hours!

I was wondering where on earth Nizoral helps? I'm planning to get Nizoral shampoo. Do you think I should be on ketoconazole tablets? They're steroids, but I don't know.. I enjoy some on my body too. 10 points for the best answer.
my friend used neutrogena T-Gel shampoo and it worked really well but it smelled kinda bad
The crucial cause of psoriasis is overreaction of the immune system. I try to eat healthy food and avoid stress as much as I can contained by order to prevent flare-ups.
After using number of prescription drugs I've turned to the natural treatments.
Now I use herbal remedies from serenaskin.com, which aim at the root of the disease - the immune system, and are steroid-free.
After about 2 weeks of using lotion and spray my scalp has been cleared up and now I newly continue with anti-psoriasis extract, which controls the immune system. My scalp has be clear for months now.
It is the only treatment I have found that provides me complete nouns when I use it as directed. Source(s): my life experience
This is not risky or life threatening in any way. This is why no cure have been found yet. Doctors focus on life threatening diseases and at hand is no more than 2 paragraphs spent on this topic throughout the whole medical education. So for us.. its nought more than just embaressing and annoying.

I have been diagnosed next to Seborrheic Dermatitis 15years ago and still struggling. It is mainly on my scalp moving out of the hairline now. And mild patches on other parts of the body such as arms, hips and groin nouns.
What makes it so difficult is that our bodies dont respond the same way to indubitable "cures". Therefore, it is a process finding what works for you and illuminating what doesnt.

I have recently also done some research on Psoriasis. This condition is VERY similar to Sebborrheic Dermatitis and often misdiagnosed by dermatologists unless a proper biopsy is done and tested. Although these two conditions are different diseases, they come across to have pretty much the same treatments. The only difference I could find, is that Psoriasis could also be treated beside UV light treatment.

Apparently Psoriasis is also the one that is found on other parts of the body, besides the scalp, and is also more difficult to get rid of than SD.
Well, whichever disease I might own (mine wasnt properly diagnosed), I have tried EVERYTHING. These cures (as mentioned) might work for another person, but I havent found mine yet. But here is a couple of tips on what you might want to try (maybe it works for you, as it have apparently worked for others in the past - the essential oils have the best result for me personally thusfar).

1) Cut out all sugar and yeast from your diet. (incl. beer, wine, ect)

2) Chickweed. This is NOT chickpees. Its dried leaves, almost looks like dried parsley. Boil it surrounded by water for 20mins, and use the "tea" to drink and rinse your hair/body. You dont have to rinse it out.

3) For the scalp, you can rinse your hair near apple cider vinegar. This is because the acid is strong enough to kill the unpromising flora, but weak enough for the good flora to survive. It restores the stability between the two.

4) Coconut oil. Coconuts have natural anti-bacterial properties. Bathing within coconut milk is another option.

5) I have tried several prescribed shampoos, ointments and creams containing coal asphalt, cortizone ect. These are pretty harsh on the skin and I personally try to stay away from it as they dont seem to work (for me) anyway.

6) Milk of Magnesia seem to have worked for many people. Especially if the problem nouns is on the face. This is a laxative / antacid. Its name comes from its white milky appearance (similar to gavascon). But this has offered almost direct relief to many. (unfortunately not me :( ) You use it like you use a commonplace cream soap and leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse. Or if its on the scalp: use it like a shampoo and while you dust, leave it on. then shampoo and condition as normal.

7) Miracle beat. There are some ingredients in this product that has proven to work for some. I havent tried it yet, but its categorically on my list for this weekend! you leave it on for several hours and then rinse. Ill agree to you know how it goes.

8) Then the oils that has be the best option for me sofar: I make a mixture of wheatgerm oil, coconut grease, bergamot and teatree oil. I put it in a little spraybottle (which in recent times makes application easier) and every night apply it thoroughly to the whole scalp, massage it in. Then rinse it out the next morning. This seem to remove the scales pretty nicely.

9) Exposure to sunlight. This is a bit harder if its on the scalp, since the hair is obviously surrounded by the way. But apparently the UVA, UVB and UVC helps. Not too much though.. you dont want to get adjectives and develop other diseases later on!! So moderate exposure.

10) The bananapeel exfoliation. You use the inside of a banapeel and rub it against the effected area. Havent tried that nonetheless either. But apparently its effective for some.

11) RELAX! Emotional stress definitely have an effect on this condition! My condition flared up really badly since my mother passed away from a really bad cancer she suffered from for 2 years. Try yoga.. try an excersizing program.. meditation.. whatever make you relax :)

12) Fish oils. Whether its a tin of pilchards everyday or taken as a supplement.

Good luck! I will keep you posted if I make any other miracle discoveries! ;)
Use shampoo and conditioner beside tea tree oil in it! I'm using that right now. It works, trust me.
Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments available on the Internet (just google "natural treatment of psoriasis") and take your pick. Some of them do truly work. For my psor. I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they consequently stay clear for months on end.
Try it: Champori comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn't work for you - it's free.

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