Does anyone know how to cure ticks on a chihuahua?

These videos actually show people removing them and treating the wounds after the removal:…… Source(s):
First, if its with the sole purpose like one or two pull them off next to tweazers, if their are a bunch of them, then go get frontline, its expensive but will eliminate all the ticks in a day or so and protect them from anymore bites for awhile! You should use frontline anyways, it works amazing and we have three dogs with multiple ticks and applied the frontline and they were gone the next light of day !
Good luck!
put it contained by the microwave for 5 minutes on high.
Yes, Advantage or Frontline. Go to the vet if your chi is vastly small. I had one 2.5 lbs and they gave me a special tiny drop for her. Both of my chis did fine with the drops and they really worked.
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lug the tick of and bin it. then use frontline combo. keep your dog out of long grass and over grown areas. hopes it all works out!!
i know this will hurt your dog but its best to pick them rotten of your dog and gets some flea/tick spray for your yard the picking is the only path i know to get them off quickly

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