How come my friend never capture a cold or confusion?

Well, I have one friend, both of us usually do the same activity (since most of the time we spend at our university). But, when both of us are exhausted or contact near someone having flu, I always get a cold or sometimes hallucination. I always drink multivitamin, while he does not. How come he never get it?? Thanks...
The more a person is exposed to a virus, microbes, etc, the better, providing they aren't in an immunocompromised stage, such as having HIV/AIDS, cancer, or an autoimmune disorder. For example, someone who works in a nursing home is exposed to tons bugs and bacteria, and each time they are exposed, their body begins producing antigens, which barney off the bug. The next time the person is exposed, the body sends out this chemical message that say "hey, we have killed this one before, do this," and the entity many times won't even have a symptom. This is why your friend does not get sick. He/she have probably been exposed to the bug already, and so his body destroys it automatically. You probably have not been exposed, and thus u acquire the bug, your body kills it, and next time u are exposed to it, you won't have symptoms any.
This has happened to me many times. I can be around someone who is sick beside a bug, flu etc, and not catch it, while someone standing literally two inches from me will.
If you are concerned about your immune function, then I would suggest visit your physician. Your concern I am assuming would be based on the frequency in which you get sick. What you can do is rob a daily vitamin. I recommend whole food vitamins. You can also increase your protein intake and exercise. I hope this answers your question. Good luck!
It simply comes down to different immune systems, I'm guessing you haven't done the same activities all your lives, and so through growing up your immune systems own developed differently, and your friend's is just able to fight past its sell-by date infections better than yours is.

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