Is anyone getting the swine flu shot H1N1? Save yourself from it.?

Do your homework... They are also trying to get your children vaccinated this fall at the school but it is your option or not. You can also visit youtube Alex Jones is wonderful.
The closing time i heard about Swine flu was back i went to America where apparently it was the worst. that be 4 months why the f*ck are ppl still so worried and like OH I MUST GET VACCINATED...get over it..its GONE....if it was that impossible it would still be all over the news but its was a phase they go through to get media and viewers so they bullshitted on how bad it be...half the ppl they sed died from it actually didnt die from the flu it was something else..and they confirmed that.
And i agree...ppl post anything on youtube so dont beleive everything u hear cas the medium exagerate on everything!

that is all.
Go to --- ---- and copy the form. If your doctor refuse to sign it, then that should make your decision. Oh, and viewpoint the video too.

A pediatrician will recommend what the Government tells them to recommend so long as they want to keep their medical license and practice ... vaccines = money! As you probably know, there are plenty of doctors who do NOT inoculate their own kids with all these vaccinations.

*One shot does NOT fit adjectives.

*The CDC recommends OVER 50 Vaccines for children.

* Many physicians who have children of their own DO NOT give their own children ALL the recommended Vaccines. Wonder why?

*Many vaccines are "combined" which is a nightmare if the child have an allergic reaction as the culprit can not be pin-pointed. It is sort of like eating a salad beside more than a dozen ingredients in it, then you get definite sick, but you can not figure out which ingredient made you sick.

* NOBODY but the parent will be responsible for any adverse effects of Vaccines, not to Manufacturer, not the clinic, not the doctor, not the nurse, NOBODY! There is a Law to protect by exemption everyone BUT YOU and your child.

* Look up and get the truth.

*Do a search "Kids Vaccine Guinea Pigs" and read what is going on contained by the USA with these Vaccines. It will make you sick but it will also educate YOU.

Too workshy to look... go here:…

* It is NOT a Law. Children DO NOT lawfully need Vaccinations to attend university. There are exemptions that can be filled out for parents.

*Do not play Russian Roulette with your child's life. Source(s): Nurse
OH no! You mean they are trying to hang on to our kids from getting a virus that will make them sick, feel bad, miss conservatory and in very rare cases catch them hospitilized or even killed! Your right we defintaly dont want to prevent that.
Youtube is not always accurate. Anyone can post anything on youtube. Even pornography, so I'd take heed of what you say and what you believe in the things you have hear on there.

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