How should i recount my boyfriend?

Should I tell my boyfriend that I had a one night stand while we be NOT together. Now Im worried that he and I may have a std. However he went and got some antibiotics today, he have an appt. on thurs for something similar he might get tested. Will the std be gone? Please anything helps
maybe hes have a one night stand before also.
You both should be tested for sure. I recently got next to a new guy & had unprotected sex & noticed something wrong "down there", go & got tested positive for Trich. That STD required taking a pill twice a day for 7 days & he had to thieve it at the same time or we would pass it back & forth so I have to tell him. We had only certain each other a month. So, I printed some research & highlighted the important parts & also wrote my feelings down for him. I know he be the one who gave it to me bc I wasnt with another guy for a few months & the guy before him I be with for over 3 yrs. He knew nothing of the STD & I found out a wk subsequent we also had you guys should get tested & go from near whether u want to tell him about the one night stand & as far as the STD itself, depending on the type whether it will jump away. Trich was gone from me in 7 days with medication & I will have herpes for the rest of my life.... Source(s): personal experience
Tell your boyfriend that you want to go to Planned Parenthood together for STD trialling, and that you want to see his test results and he can see yours. Whether or not you tell him about a one darkness stand is up to you, but you both need to be tested for STD's considering that you were apart for awhile. Couples should get tested once a year anyway. It newly makes good sense.

Your question going on for will the STD be gone when we don't know what the STD is and what treatment he is getting can't be answered accurately by anyone. We are not psychic. We do the best we can with the information provided. You should still get tested together. Here's a link to give support to you become more informed about STD's:… Source(s):…

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